Portrait: Carol  EngstromI have loved taking pictures from the time I got my first point and shoot camera twenty years ago. In 2000,I purchased my first SLR camera, secondhand, and started taking photography classes at the local community college. I discovered a hobby that turned into a passion. I love photography. I enjoy recording my impressions of places and things in a creative way, and then sharing the images that result with others.

I am awed by the beautiful details I discover using the macro settings on the camera. The small details of a beautiful flower are amazing and often overlooked without the camera's unique perspective. I find photographing pets--and other animals that are not so tame--fascinating. It is exciting to capture just that right moment that shows the animal's unique qualities or personality. I enjoy exploring the digital darkroom to see what kind of artistic looks I might discover in hidden in my photos. And, nothing makes traveling come alive for me more than capturing the essence of the trip in a creative photo.

I live in Utah with my pet cat. I have three grown children and nine adorable grandchildren that also get to be models from time to time. I have had two full time jobs that have kept me from my hobby the last few years, but I hope to have more time in the future explore some more with my photoghraphy. Look for some new photos soon.