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from William C. Raco Beautiful work

Your site is beautiful, Carol.
You have many wonderful landscapes, flowers and visions.
I can see that you enjoy what you do.
Best wishes for you to always experience that love of photography Previous Response:
from Carol Engstrom
on February 06, 2005
 Thanks so much Bill, for stopping by and for your kind commens. That means a lot coming from such a gifted photographer as yourself. I am sure photography will always be an enjoyable part of my life. Previous Response:
from Shirley L. Carpenter
on May 14, 2005
 Hi Carol, I agree with Bill, you have a beautiful site!!! Love all your images!! Great work, now I feel bad as I haven't had much time to work on mine!! Love it!! Previous Response:
on May 14, 2005
 Thanks so much Shirley. I will look forward to seeing more of your pictures. Thanks for your assistance. :-) Previous Response:
on September 26, 2009
 Hi Carol,
The moment I saw your beautiful red/yellow tulip card I was in love with your interpretation. I'll keep an eye on "the box" every time now for more delights. Thanks for sharing your considerable talent.
Alison Previous Response:
on January 24, 2013
 ba doorod,,,,,,,,,vaaay kohyade man kash mardome bikar bejaye in hame nazare mozakhraf dar morede ye zan be zibaeeiy va mehraboniye anjelina ye kam havaseshon be khodeshon va kolaheshon bood ma alan jahane sevomi va in hame zajrkesh nabodim,,, joone madareton berid rishasho dorost konid va yadetoon bashe ke ma irani hastim,na arab,,maa faghat hame chimon shodeh diin, va bebinim ki chikaar mikoneh va az lahaze ma ya diinemon doroste ya naah, keey mikhaym befahmim rabeteye ghalbiye har kesi ba khoda diineshe mohem nist eslam bashe ya masih ya har chize digeh,,,,, eyyyyyyyy khodaaaaaaaaaaa 

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